W Lim Products, Dragon pumps, Wave 1 & 2 pumps, Wave UV and Wave Koi & pond filters. Bio Wave, Wave 4-pack filtering system, Bio Wave Plus, Performance Bead, Legend, Bio Reactor, Care Free, E.Z.R., VMS Prefilter and vortex filters. W Lim Store contains Koi and pond related products manufactured by the W Lim Corporation.

- Wave I
- Wave II
- Wave II High Speed
- Wave II Two Speed
- Dragon
- Pump Accessories

- Bio Wave 3-Pack System
- Wave 4-Pack System
- Wave-36 Vortex System
- Pre Filter
- Bio Wave Filter
- Bio Wave Plus Filter
- Performance Bead Filter
- Carefree Filter
- Bio Reactor Filter
- Vortex Settlement Tanks
- Vortex Filters
- Vortex Microstrainers
- E.Z.R. Filter
- Waterfall
- Media
- Filter Accessories

- Wave
- Wave Power
- Wave Power Plus
- Amalgam Series
- UV Lamps
- UV Quartz
- UV Power Supplies

- PVC Fittings
- PVC Valves
- PVC Flex
- Bottom Drains
- Skimmers
- Jets

- Aeration
- Round Viewing Tubs
- Square Tubs
- Pre-Formed Pond

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Koi and pond related products manufactured by W Lim