Air pumps, diffusers, manifolds and air stones. Oxygen is vital to all living organism in your pond. Fish health thrives much better with higher levels. Addition of oxygen in warmer water is critical for larger Koi to live.


Device Description

White Air Stone
1.5" x 1.5" x 3"

1/2" male thread fitting


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TIP: Calcium build up on your air stones? To clean ceramic air stones, soak in 100% muriatic acid for an hour to clear the calcium and return the air stone to like new. Perform cleaning 3 to 4 times per year if you have hard water and 2 times per year in soft water areas. Use caution with Muriatic Acid and rinse air stones well!

White Air Stone
1.5" x 1.5" x 6"

1/2" male thread fitting


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Air Manifold
8 Outlets

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Air Manifold
12 Outlets

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Air Diffuser $49.00

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Hakko Air Pump
2 Year Warranty

Diaphragm Pump
Link To Specifications

25L $115.00
40L $190.00
60L $220.00
80L $265.00
100L $349.00
120L $399.00

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Medo Air Pump

Piston Pump
Link To Specifications

45 LPM $345.00
80 LPM $529.00
100 LPM $669.00
120 LPM $723.00

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Alita Linear Air Pump (Best Value)
3 Year Warranty

Link To Specifications

40L $153.95
60L $185.95
80L $245.95
100L $349.95
120L $419.95
150L $569.95
200L $649.95

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Air blower used to backwash filtes

Galaxy Air Blower

2 HP blower unit with switch, 115v. Well made and powerful

(Consider installing a clear air check valve below this blower unit. - See next item below)


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w lim check valve

Clear Air Check valve for Blower

2" Clear spring loaded check valve. When mounted below the Galaxy Air Blower, it permits air to go down and prevents water from going up into blower unit.


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