How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Most orders are processed and shipped the same day we receive them if received early enough. Normally all items ship with in 24 hrs. If an item is back ordered, we typically will notify you.

How will it be shipped?

When possible, items are shipped UPS ground. When larger or if heaveir then 150 lbs., then they may ship via a Frieght trucking company. Occasionally some small items may ship via U.S.P.S.

I ordered an item that requires a freight quote. Now what?

Large items require us to call a freight company with package details and destination in order to determine exact shipping costs. Once we have your order with an address, we do not process it untill after we call you back with the costs for shipping it freight. You have the option to stop the order at this time or except. Frieght trucking companies rates can vary regulary.

How easy are the filters to assemble if needed?

You will need to connect your plumbing to them. Many filters have much of the PVC plumbing together already. The Wave 4-Pack systems for example will ship each component such as the pump, filter, etc. in seperate boxes and all the PVC required to connect those components are already glued and kept seperate. Simply connect the unions to each component item. The Base mounting pad does not have the equipment mounted for shipping due to shipping damages that happen when shipped as a complete unit.

Tip: Do not install filter beads untill you have the filter in the final install location. Several boxes of beads make it hard to move from the added weight.

What types of elbows should I use?

When using elbow fittings, consider using elbow sweeps or street sweeps. They have a curve or radious turn instead of a sharp ninety degree turn. This will greatly improve flow rates and filtering of your ponds volume more each day.

How long can I leave my pump off and not pumping through the biological filter?

Your filter should not be off for more then 4 hours. The beneficial bacteria in the filter require oxygen for survival. If you’re experiencing a power outage, consider inserting an airline from a battery operated air pump down to the bottom of the filter. IF it requires removing a dome lid to access the inside, be sure to turn off the pump to prevent it from pumping again when the power resumes.