W Lim pumps perfrom better
Why consider W Lim filters over other brands
Selecting a pond filter

W Lim pumps perform better

Every W Lim pump is tested before it is boxed for shipping. First step before testing is connecting the pump up to a reservoir of water with 2" plumbing. Some companies perform their testing with 3 inch plumbing that can improve a pumps performance while most of us use 2 inch on our ponds and may not realize that the advertised specifications are under certain conditions that were not listed with those specifications.

The W Lim's pump cord is plugged into an electrical Power Analyzer panel and started. The Power Analyzer reads off digital performance for watts, PF and Amp draw at 115 volts. During this test, it took a few minutes for the motor to warm up. Once warmed up, the readings are reviewed with factory and published specifications. The pump connected actually resulted in performing better then advertised.

Next the pumps are tested for leaks, flow rates and water pressure. Again, the pump performed better then advertised.

An in dependant test was performed and published in Koi Nations magazine (Oct./Nov. 07 issue) on several manufacturers pumps. The W Lim Wave II 1/4 hp pump and the W Lim Dragon 1/3 hp pumps out performed the other pumps at 5 feet and 10 feet of head pressure.

The owner and publisher of Koi Nations magazine published this statement;
"Our conclusion is that the extra gallons/hour is worth the added investment of the Wave II." Michael Cox

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Why consider a W Lim filter over other brands?

W Lim sets up his filters and tests them with live Koi fish. Performance and alternate plumbing options are reviewed and tested. He publishes some of the setups and proves that the systems deliver. His advertised specifications are kept conservative so that he delivers more then the customers were expecting.

Over the years, he has refined his products and improves on the engineering when ever possible. He can often be heard saying that his products are a better value and that's why they cost more. He is often too ready to prove it, and has.

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Selecting a pond filter

W Lim manufacturers quit a verity of pond filters because no one solution is best for every pond or persons situation. While some may have large ponds or bigger budgets, not everyone may have room for a large pond or the ability to spend as much. Some may choice to build a pond that takes up as much space as possible and not have much room for the filtering equipment and then require equipment that takes up very little space.

When selecting the right filter, consider the basics first. Then learn more about how better filters improve the end result and worry a little less about budget because affordable filtering now may just be a waste of money. Buying a little better now may save money later.

The basics of filtering comes down to mechanical filtering (trapping waste for removal), chemical filtering (biological filtering such as ammonia an nitrites), and utilization of a UV to kill water bourn algae and perform water sterilization.

Some filters can perform single types of filtering which leads to optimization for the highest possible end result of that stage. The Wave Vortex or the Wave pressurized pre-filters are excellent examples of mechanical filters for removing as much waste or crud before the water passes onto the next stay for biological filtering.

Other filters can perform a combination of mechanical and biological filtering with still great results. An example here would be the Legend bio bead filters or the Performance Bead Filter.

Combination filters that are more affordable like the Bio Wave will still do a good job, yet they cannot trap all the waste as well as a bead filter because some fines from the waste may find passage through the flow through media. So it comes down to budget usually or to just how important the end result is. 

Convenience may factor as well in to your priorities. This would best be handled by considering the filtration systems. The Bio Wave 3-Pack System is the least expensive and takes up very little space, followed by the Wave-36 Vortex system that does an even better job, yet takes up more space. A great all around solution with the Wave 4-Pack that is sure to please the pickiest pond keeper that is bundled on a platform with W Lim's finest filter components. It contains the legendary Dragon pump that delivers the water to the fine pre-filter for optimum mechanical filtering. Next the water passes through the Bio Wave Plus filter for the biological needs and onto the stainless steel UV, all resulting in an impressive total filtration system that delivers healthy and guaranteed clear pond water.

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