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Aqua Wave pump Aqua Wave Variable Speed Primer
Brand New Series !

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Legendary Wave pond pumps manufactured by the W Lim Corporation with quality motors lasting 5-7 years and some lasting eleven. Features and value not found in other pond pumps. more

The W Lim Corporation is consistently striving to improve their products through research and engineering to offer improved features, quality and reliability to insure customer satisfaction. SkagiTek Inc. is your dealer for all W Lim products.

SkyHawk UV Sterilizer
SkyHawk UV Sterilizer

Best pond equipment by Mark S.
Experience Level: Expert
Posted on 2/19/2009 from San Marcos, CA
Comments: The W Lim products are the best and highest quality for comprehensive pond equipment.
I recommend W Lim pumps and products

Pond Biological Performance Bead Filter
Bio Wave Plus 48 Filter

Keep it simple and easy to install!

Price: $2125.00 + Free Shipping!

Meet all your ponds filtering needs with a W Lim Bio Wave Plus 48 Filter. Match this with a famous Wave pump and UV to produce excellent water quality.

The bio wave plus filter provides both mechanical and biological filtering and takes up very little space.The 48 can handle ponds up to 8000 gallons with a flow rate of up to 6500 gph. Its simple and easy, yet performs great!

WAVE UV - Free S&H
A complete line of high quality Ultraviolet Sterilizers (UV) that are durable and easy to maintain with a verity of sizes to appropriately handle residential to commercial ponds.

Ponds are an ecosystem that benefit from a UV to manage and effectively control waterborne algae blooms. The UV is also a proven method for sterilization of microorganisms such as bacteria and Protozoa. The UV light spectrum alters the DNA of of microorganisms and the algae in the water disabling and even destroying them.

For very large ponds, consider the Amalgam UV Series. They can easily handle large ponds or bodies of water.

Keep your pond clear and healthy by installing a W Lim UV. more

W. Lim manufacturers the W Lim and Wave branded products. SkagiTek offers all of W Lim products here at the W Lim Store